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BreakPoint: Valentine’s Day and True Love


The thoughts of many will spin to love, loyal love, tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. But what does loyal adore demeanour like? Well, don’t demeanour to Hollywood for an answer.

What do you consider about when someone brings up the theme of good romance?

For some of us, the thoughts spin to Hollywood adore stories: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Shrek and Fiona.

But are these relations really estimable of being called good romances?

Consider: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton began their intrigue with an unfaithful affair. They divorced their spouses and took new vows. But the good Liz-n-Dick intrigue sputtered out in just a decade.


Frank Sinatra dumped his wife to marry Ava Gardner, who had been twice married already. Needless to say, that didn’t last.

And we all know what happened to Brangelina.

So because are we so unhappy when luminary couples, or couples we know, chuck in the towel? we consider it may have something to do with what God dictated when He combined marriage: He designed it as a life-long commitment—a monogamous attribute between one man and one woman.

But today’s culture, by novels, films, and TV shows, teaches that heated romantic feelings trump all else.

And that is a recipe for unhappiness—for the spouses, the families, and for ourselves.  Why? Because, as a Christian website called GotQuestions.org notes, according to the research, the smarts can only means that heated ‘in love’ feeling for a limit of two years. “Ideally, a couple has worked on deepening their adore and joining during that time so that,” when the heated romantic feelings finish off, “a deeper adore takes its place.”

And that deeper adore is a self-giving love. A adore that desires the contentment of the other some-more than self-fulfillment. A adore that mirrors the adore Christ has for His Bride, the Church. It is not a adore that needs to be fed by feelings.

Because, as GotQuestions.org notes, when the feelings fade—and they will—romance addicts start the hunt for someone else “who will satisfy the same euphoria.”

Tomorrow some among us will applaud Valentine’s Day. Instead of looking to Hollywood for examples for romantic love, we should demeanour to couples who exhibited true, self-giving love.

Take ball star and clinging Christian Jackie Robinson, who credits his wife Rachel with assisting him get by the infamous injustice and threats when he became the first major joining player to mangle the tone barrier.  Their prolonged matrimony lasted until Jackie’s death.

And who could destroy to be changed by the story of Isador and Ida Straus, who went down together when the Titanic sank? Ida refused to leave her husband behind when offering a place in Lifeboat Number 8.  “Where you go, we go,” she told her husband of some-more than 40 years. In a Bronx tomb a tomb is dedicated to them.  The marker suitably reads: “Many waters can't moisten love.”

We can find stories of good adore in the Bible. Ruth and Boaz come to mind, as does Jacob, who worked for 7 prolonged years for his beloved Rachel.

If we know couples who are deeply “in love” and wish to marry, if they are good suited, we should help them make that adore permanent—help them know the disproportion between what Scripture teaches about adore and the fake messages of the culture.

And then we should approach them to church-run matrimony credentials programs that will help them achieve, not a passing romance, but a lifetime of self-giving . . . in love.


Valentine’s Day and True Love: When Feelings Fizzle

This Valentine’s Day is a smashing event to remember the apostle Paul’s difference on adore from 1 Corinthians 13. Take some time to review what loyal adore is all about, and then live it out in your relationships.


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