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BreakPoint: The True Beauty of Women


You won’t trust what one slip company is doing to show what creates a lady truly beautiful. I’ve got a good story for you. Get a hankie.

When it comes to slip companies, we’ve gotten used to some flattering striking ads. You know the kind we mean: ones that underline impossibly perfect, airbrushed models wearing frilly and divulgence underwear.

But the other day we came opposite the many extraordinary slip ad I’ve ever seen. No, we was not reading a Victoria’s Secret catalog. we was examination an online ad combined by the Thailand bend of Wacoal, a Japan-based slip company. It was partial of a three-part series called “Beauty Inside.” And it distinctively depicts the loyal value of women.

The first ad opens with a married couple sitting nervously in their doctor’s office, holding hands. “After trying so tough for many years, she finally got pregnant,” the husband says. But currently they’re getting some bad news.

“I know it’s hard,” the alloy says sympathetically. “But greatfully make a decision as shortly as possible.”


The couple, clearly stunned, drive home, hold one another, and cry.

“On that day at the hospital,” the husband relates, “the alloy told us that she’s got cancer. She has only two choices. First, she competence be marinated if she took chemotherapy. But that may means the child a disability. Or we competence remove the baby. The choice is to keep the child. But she competence have to fight the cancer alone, but any remedy.”

The lady cries as her husband binds her. The next morning, she gets up and walks to the vital room, where the baby’s crib is still sitting on its box. She runs her fingers along the crib and creates a decision: “I will do it for you, baby.”

The mom starts putting the crib together and plays with a pressed animal, expecting her child’s birth. Now she is back in the hospital, in labor. When her alloy binds up her healthy baby, she cries with joy. After cuddling and kissing her child, the mom hands him to her husband. She smiles at her little family as a helper takes her down the gymnasium and into the chemotherapy room.

These ads—which are both profoundly pro-women and pro-life—have turn a global phenomenon. Millions of people have watched them online. Clearly they’ve hit a nerve—and we consider we know why.

First, many slip ads concentration on women’s bodies, suggesting that a woman’s coming is the many critical thing about her. But these ads plea immature women to value themselves in other ways: To applaud strength and sacrifice, bravery and compassion.

They’re teaching women something else, as well: that a inestimable man will value them, not formed on outdoor beauty, which is fleeting, but on middle beauty, which is formed on character. And when life throws them a bend ball—such as cancer during a pregnancy—a clever man will help his wife by it.

Finally, we trust complicated immature women may be getting sleepy of being speedy to take the easy way out when they run into a problem—such as a problem pregnancy. Women are, we think, changed by the thought that self-denial is noble, and can be the source of good joy.

It’s tough to watch this ad but crying, generally when you find out it was formed on a loyal story. Whether it meant to or not, the Wacoal company gives us a ideal painting of 1 Corinthians 13:7: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

I wish you’ll watch these ads, and share them with your friends, sisters, and daughters. Their certain messages will help cancel out the hundreds of disastrous ones that torpedo immature women every day.

And you just competence consider shopping the lady in your life some lingerie, not from Victoria’s Secret, but from the company that teaches that the value of women is in the nobleness of their character.


(This explanation creatively aired Mar 2, 2017.)


The Beauty of Women: we Will Do It for You, Baby

As Eric highlights, the loyal value of a lady is not found in coming but in firmness of character. To see this demonstrated in the arts, watch the Wacoal “My Beautiful Woman” ad series. We’ve enclosed the links below.


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