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BreakPoint: The Secret Battle of Ideas about God


A worldview book should be judged by how it helps us live out what we believe. Let me tell you about a good one.

For many Christians, the word “worldview” suggests arguments about epitome and even keen matters, the things of ivory towers and consider tanks, not bland life.

But zero could be serve from the truth. After all, Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcey entitled their seminal book about Christian worldview “How Now Shall We Live?”

Emphasis on the “live” part. What we trust shapes how we live. Or, in some extreme cases, because some people give up on life altogether. Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl, quoting of all people the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, famously wrote, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

The doubt is “where do you find the ‘why?’” There are many competing answers to questions such as “Does my life have meaning?” or “Why do we hurt?” or “Why can’t we just get along?” or “Is there any wish for the world?” and even “Am we loved?”


Finding the “why?” is the theme of “The Secret Battle of Ideas About God” by Jeff Myers, the conduct of Summit Ministries.

In some ways, the “secret” in the pretension is a bit of a misnomer. Myers isn’t articulate about a swindling or stealth campaign waged by sinful actors. What he’s articulate about is how opposite worldviews figure the way people, including Christians, consider about these questions though people being wakeful of that influence.

These opposite worldviews offer opposite answers to the doubt “what is life about?” One worldview says that life is about control, in sold control of inlet and the combined order, not as stewards but in avail of the desires.

The second, holding its evidence from Marx’s dialectical materialism, reduces all of life’s questions to mercantile arrangements. The third says that life is about context, that is, it denies that “Truth” with a collateral “T” exists. Instead, there is only what people with energy can pretence the rest of us into thinking.

The fourth says that life is about consciousness. What Myers has in mind is what Chuck Colson used to call “God kits.” Not just the New Age things of large caricatures but also the some-more worldly accumulation peddled by the likes of Oprah Winfrey.

The fifth worldview looks at the commotion of the complicated universe and insists that life is about conquering. While, thankfully, tangible jihadists are singular in the United States, Europeans, by sour experience, have schooled about the interest of this worldview to alienated immature men in their midst.

Then, of course, there’s the Christian worldview, the story of Creation, Fall, Redemption and the ultimate Restoration of all things in Christ.

Myers’s idea is to help you conflict what he calls “idea viruses” by teaching readers how to first brand them and then interlude their spread, not only in your life but in the lives of your desired ones.

Like we said, “The Secret Battle” is opposite from other worldview books. The competing worldviews are judged by their answers to questions that directly hold every one of the lives. For instance, few philosophers and other intellectuals direct that a sold beliefs or worldview answer the doubt “Am we loved?”

But it’s a doubt we all ask, and any faith complement estimable of the confluence had better yield a convincing and acceptable answer to that question. The same is loyal of questions about pang and hope.

Myers knows of what he speaks. He shares unpleasant sum from his own life that illustrate what Christian wish looks like. It took a lot of bravery to do this but, as we said, this is no typical worldview book.

It’s a book that takes the “live” partial seriously.

For some-more information on Jeff Myers’s book, “The Secret Battle of Ideas About God,” come to the online bookstore at BreakPoint.org.


The Secret Battle of Ideas about God: No Ordinary Worldview Book

Check out Jeff Myers’ book for yourself and puncture deeper into how opposite worldviews answer the questions we all ask. You can get a duplicate at the Colson Center online bookstore.

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