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BreakPoint: The Iranian Protests and the Church


The protests now jolt Iran have huge implications for U. S. unfamiliar policy—and for the Church.

Iranian adults are rising up against their rough Shiite government. They shout, “Death to the Dictator!” while fast rip gas, water cannons, arrest—and death.

The demonstrations primarily had to do with the sagging economy, high unemployment, and the increasing cost of simple foods. As one protester quoted in the Washington Post said, “When we don’t have bread to eat, we are not fearful of anything.”

But these protests may have developed into “an open rebellion against Iran’s Islamic care itself.”


The outcome of these protests of march will have huge implications for the Middle East and for U. S. unfamiliar policy. The Iranian supervision is a fixed fan of Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad, supports Hezbollah, the Shiite militant organisation and arch-enemy of Israel, and is fomenting disturbance (and that’s putting it mildly) via the Middle East.

And no doubt you’ve listened about the Iranian government’s office of nuclear weapons.

But there’s another reason Americans—and generally American Christian—should be following events there: the expansion of Christianity in Iran.

In the online biography “The Stream,” my crony Michael Brown writes that Iranian converts, Christian leaders, and missiologists all tell him the same thing: “Iranian Muslims are converting to Christianity at an rare pace.” Indeed, according to the Iranian Christian News Agency, Islamic clerics are dumbfounded at the flourishing series of Iranian girl who are abandoning Islam, converting to Christianity, and joining residence churches. That despite the huge risks of acclimatisation in a country that plainly suppresses the Christian faith.

The news comes as no warn to Reza Safa, a Muslim modify to Christianity and the author of “The Coming Fall of Islam in Iran.” Safa, who now lives in the U.S., records on his website that “Despite serious harm by the Iranian supervision against subterraneous churches, God’s Word is swelling like a wildfire all over Iran.”

That’s sparkling news. And the protests against the regime distracted opposite Iran may be a sign of wish for Christians, according to Iranian publisher and Christian modify Sohrab Amari. Amari told the Catholic News Agency that “the Iranians who are pouring into the streets have had it with an ideological regime that represses them.” Many are even chanting “nostalgic slogans” about pre-revolutionary Iran—a time when eremite minorities like Christians, Jews, and Bahai’s could live good adequate alongside their Islamic neighbors.

The outcome of the protests stays to be seen. Will they lead to some-more freedoms, or to even worse repressions?

And as the series of conversions continues to rise, will the supervision aim churches even some-more fiercely, or will those who have tasted the leisure to turn children of God by Jesus Christ act as leaven in Iranian society, moving some-more people to find leisure from their peremptory overlords?

We don’t have to demeanour distant back in story to see epoch-shaking movements of God’s people. As Chuck Colson documented remarkably in his book “Being the Body,” the tumble of communism in Poland, in Romania, and via eastern Europe was fueled by Christian faith—and the human enterprise for leisure kindled by that faith.

At one time, those of us old adequate to remember the Cold War couldn’t have illusory the passing of European communism. But it happened. The tumble of an peremptory Islamist regime should not be over the hopes and prayers.

So please, join me in request for the brethren in Iran—for safety, for wisdom, and for the acclimatisation of many some-more to leisure in Jesus Christ.


The Iranian Protests and the Church: Bread, Freedom, and Faith

As events are maturation in Iran, believers everywhere have the event to umpire for Christians and new translates in that country. Read some-more about this vicious news and its implications by clicking on the links in the Resources section.

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