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BreakPoint: Fight Inequality, Promote Matrimony


When somebody asks you either you support social justice, just say, “Sure we do—I trust in marriage!”

These days, matrimony is under attack, with supervision and cocktail enlightenment redefining it and augmenting numbers of immature people ignoring it. Interestingly, many of them are deriding what they call America’s failures in “social justice.” Could there be a connection? Our crony Glenn Stanton positively thinks so.

Stanton, who is the executive of family arrangement studies at Focus on the Family and the author of eight books, has penned a good piece in The Federalist patrician “The Research Proves the No. 1 Social Justice Imperative Is Marriage.” Stanton writes, “Working for healthy, well-formed, fast marriages is one of the many effective ways we can do the work of social justice. That the bid is not hip and smart has no temperament on its ability to change lives for the better.”

Indeed. Stanton quotes Jonathan Rauch, a magnanimous author for the National Journal, who records that “marriage is displacing both income and race as the good category order of the new century.”  Research by the Brookings and the American Enterprise institutes backs that up.

According to Bill Galston, domestic policy confidant for President Clinton, Brookings demonstrated way back in the early nineties that Americans only need to do 3 things to equivocate vital in poverty: connoisseur from high school, marry before having a child, and have that child after age 20. Sociologists currently contend that this “success sequence” still works. One study of millennials found that 97 percent of those who earn at slightest a high-school diploma, work, and get injured before having kids will not be bad as they enter their 30s.


And avoiding misery is distant from the only social probity pen softened by marriage. Glenn records that “marriage strongly boosts every important magnitude of gratification for children, women, and men. Pick any magnitude you can imagine: altogether earthy and mental health. . . practice . . .general life gratification . . ., passionate satisfaction, even liberation from critical disease. . .”

And this binds loyal in every secular demographic. Marriage fuels ceiling mobility. Its deficiency stifles it. “Thus, the multiplying category divide,” Stanton concludes. “Any smart and merciful bid to assuage misery and boost the gratification of the communities and its adults can't omit this fact.”

Frankly, this should come as no warn to those of us who hold a Christian worldview. God combined marriage—the lifetime joining of a man and a lady under Him—to maximize human flourishing. And the statistics, as Stanton sum so well, bear this out. The family is one of the foundational building blocks of any society. It is where children are innate and raised, men and women inspire and bring out any other’s best, traditions are done and upheld on, and where the believe of God is first transmitted and lived out.

None of this is to contend that if you don’t get married misery will be knocking at your door, or that somehow you’re blank God’s devise for your life. As Christians, we know and need to do a better pursuit appreciating the fact that God calls some to matrimony and some to the innocent singular life. Which is because I’ve endorsed Gina Dalfonzo’s glorious book “One by One: Welcoming Singles into Your Church.”

Yet the doubt remains: Are we doing all we can to promote stable, healthy marriages in the congregations? Yes, the attribute between husband and wife is the many greatly personal attribute imaginable. But as Stanton writes, “Each family is as much a open establishment as it is private, if not some-more so. Its strength and weaknesses are felt via any village in large ways.”

So, maybe it’s time your church assimilated the electioneer to fight inequality and promote social justice. Promote marriage, for the good of individuals, the Church, and all of society.


Fight Inequality, Promote Matrimony: Marriage as a Social Justice Issue

As Eric has forked out, when we inspire and promote matrimony we minister to genuine social justice. It’s a position that all believers can hold and broadcast boldly. To review Glenn Stanton’s article, click here, or use the couple in the Resources section.


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