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BreakPoint: A Healthy Dose of Religious Freedom


For medical providers confronting restrictions on their rights of conscience, reinforcements are on the way.

On Jan 18th, the Trump Administration announced the origination of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of Health and Human Services.

According to Roger Severino, the conduct of the Civil Rights Office at HHS, the division’s purpose is to strengthen doctors, nurses, and other health caring providers “from being coerced into participating in activities that violate their consciences, such as abortion, sterilization, or assisted suicide.”

This is very good news. Not only does it serve the means of eremite freedom, but it recognizes that eremite leisure is some-more than just the right to trust what we wish in the remoteness of a heads, homes and houses of worship. Instead it’s the right to asian a lives, including a open lives, around those beliefs.  And it also shines a much-needed light on what is a frontline in the battle to strengthen leisure of demur and religion: hospitals and doctors’ offices.

As Severino put it, “America’s doctors and nurses are dedicated to saving lives and should not be bullied out of the use of medicine simply since they intent to behaving abortions against their demur . . .”


Last week, his bureau expelled a 216-page due law entitled “Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care.”

Now predictably, critics jumped on the announcement. Lambda Legal pronounced that the Division and the due order “[weaponizes] HHS’s Office of Civil Rights against [the LGBT community].”

If you’re wondering what on earth they’re articulate about, you’re not alone. Somehow, a offer about termination and physician-assisted self-murder is actually about the LGBT community?

The due order mentions “abortion” 155 times and “suicide” 29 times. We know since we counted. Now how many time does it use “LGBT,” or “transgender,” or any associated term? Zero.

Someone whose response to the proclamation finished clarity was the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. They voiced thankfulness to HHS for “taking seriously its charge to strengthen these elemental polite rights.” “For too long,” they said, “we have seen medical professionals, including pro-life nurses like Cathy DeCarlo, who have been coerced by their employers into participating in abortion.” DeCarlo, a helper at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, was threatened with disciplinary movement “in May 2009 if she did not respect a last-minute summons to support in a scheduled late-term abortion.”

This was despite the fact that, one, DeCarlo’s conflict to termination was on record, and two, there was no medical emergency involved. The Alliance Defending Freedom, representing DeCarlo, asked HHS to investigate, and it did. The outcome was a change in the policy at the hospital. Unfortunately, by then the repairs to DeCarlo’s eremite leisure had already been done.

There are some-more than 600 Catholic hospitals in the United States, which yield one in 6 of the nation’s hospital beds. Many perspective this as a terrible thing precisely since these institutions, not to discuss the Protestant ones, will not go along with John Paul II called “the enlightenment of death.”

The Manhattan Declaration privately cited “the bid to enforce pro-life institutions (including religiously dependent hospitals and clinics), and pro-life physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other health caring professionals, to impute for abortions and, in certain cases, even to perform or attend in abortions.”

If people can be compelled to attend in the holding of trusting human life, there’s no extent to what can be finished to violate the conscience.

I’m beholden for the Administration’s and Severino’s joining to safeguarding this eremite leisure of health caring workers. In doing so, they’ve taken an critical step in safeguarding ours, as well.


A Healthy Dose of Religious Freedom: New HHS Division to Protect Medical Professionals

As John says, this decision is good news for eremite leisure advocates, generally those in the medical margin here in the United States. Read some-more about the arrangement of this special HHS multiplication by clicking on the links in a Resources section.



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