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BREAKING: Senator Feinstein Releases Transcript From Fusion GPS Testimony

If you haven’t listened about the (in)famous “Steele dossier” by now, you must have been vital under a very isolated rock. It has some-more or reduction been a consistent issue in the news for almost accurately a year – given BuzzFeed published the whole request in Jan 2017. If we contend “pee-pee tape,” you’ll many positively know what we’re articulate about.

The dossier was gathered by former British spy Christopher Steele, and it has been reported that when Mr. Steele satisfied what he had his hands on, he went true to the FBI with his findings. Republicans have recently called out for an review into Mr. Steele for what he wrote in the dossier.

On Jan 2nd, the owners of the company who requested the review into Trump’s ties to Russia, and so the Steele dossier, penned an op-ed in The New York Times patrician The Republicans’ Fake Investigations. In that OpEd, they credit Republicans of refusing to recover the transcripts from the testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee “even as they selectively trickle sum to media outlets on the distant right.”

The op-ed caused Democrats to call out for the recover of the transcripts, but to no avail, and currently Senator Feinstein, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, took it on herself to recover the transcripts from the hearing.

We’re energetically reading the request (it’s long), but we suspicion you should have a go at it, too.


You can find the whole 312-page transcript, here.

Featured picture around screen capture. 

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