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BREAKING: ICC Dismisses Trillanes’ Complaint Against Duterte

8A0AE938-0051-4C2D-81D5-121ED4760FDFTHE HAGUE, Netherlands (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Remember the complaint filed by Senator Antonio Trillanes against President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court? Yes, that censure which urged ICC’s Office of the Special Prosecutor to suggest that Duterte be charged with crimes against humanity.

We all know of march that Trillanes’ censure was formed on purported extra-judicial killings in tie with the government’s fight on drugs.

Trillanes purported that no reduction than Duterte had systematic the killings when he asked the police to “patayin” (kill) drug dealers and users.

After a consummate investigation, the Office of the Prosecutor dynamic over reasonable doubt that Duterte did not violate any human rights nor systematic the murder of anyone.

In his decision, the ICC Prosecutor pronounced that “ Patayin is a word ordinarily used by Filipinos.  It is used when thy wish to say, spin off the light, or spin off the stove.”


”For Duterte to contend patayin does not consecrate an vigilant to kill anyone, but rather to spin them off,” the Prosecutor said.

Case dismissed.


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