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Border Patrol K9 Finds 3 Hiding in Trunk

A service dog alerted agents to the
trunk of a bootlegging vehicle, where
they detected 3 illegal aliens / CBP

TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents reserved to the Willcox Station arrested a 25-year-old lady Wednesday afternoon, at the State Route 80 Immigration Checkpoint, after anticipating 3 illegal aliens in the case of her vehicle.

Agents operative at the immigration checkpoint north of Tombstone, Arizona, referred the motorist of a Honda Accord for serve investigation after a dog alerted to an fragrance it was lerned to detect. Agents non-stop the vehicle’s case and detected two men and a lady dark inside.


Agents arrested the U.S. citizen motorist for human bootlegging and seized the Honda Accord. The Mexican male inhabitant and two Belize nationals were arrested for immigration violations.

Border Patrol officials continue to advise that Arizona’s high temperatures can means death for anyone roving in the case of a car. Other dangers embody CO monoxide poisoning or being dejected in a rear-end collision.

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