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Boeing CEO unveils $300M in initiatives in response to taxation bill

CHICAGODec. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg praised the taxation check upheld by Congress and about to be sealed into law as a vicious motorist of business, mercantile expansion and creation for the United States and for Boeing.

“On interest of all of the stakeholders, we extol and appreciate Congress and the administration for their care in seizing this event to unleash mercantile appetite in the United States,” pronounced Muilenburg. “It’s the single-most critical thing we can do to drive innovation, support peculiarity jobs and accelerate collateral investment in the country.”


The easier taxation code and reduce taxation rate are closer to those enjoyed by Boeing’s global foe and will have a transparent and approach advantage to Boeing, its employees, and other stakeholders.

“For Boeing, the reforms capacitate us to better contest on the universe theatre and give us a stronger substructure for the investment in innovation, comforts and skills that will support the long-term growth,” Muilenburg said.

While Boeing is still study all of the supplies of the new legislation, Muilenburg announced evident commitments for an additional $300 million in investments that will pierce brazen as a outcome of the new taxation law:

  • $100 million for corporate giving, with supports used to support direct for employee gift-match programs and for investments in Boeing’s concentration areas for free giving: in education, in the communities, and for veterans and military personnel.
  • $100 million for workforce growth in the form of training, education, and other capabilities growth to meet the scale indispensable for fast elaborating technologies and expanding markets.
  • $100 million for “workplace of the future” comforts and infrastructure enhancements for Boeing employees.

“Each of these investments advantages Boeing’s many critical strength – the employees – and reflects the real-time impact and mercantile advantage of the reforms,” pronounced Muilenburg.

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