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Two of the Biggest Threats to the Stability of the World Economy Are Hiding in Plain Sight

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives / Flickr Creative Commons In the early 1990s, transnational companies (TNCs) in the agriculture, services, pharmaceuticals, and production sectors any got agreements as partial of the WTO to close in rights for those companies to attend in markets under auspicious conditions, while tying the ability …

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WATCH: Alabama Voter Malfunctions When Asked to Prove Conspiracy Theory on Moore Accusers

Photo Credit: Screenshot / YouTube An Alabama voter suggested Roy Moore’s accusers were partial of an orchestrated campaign against the Republican claimant — but she suffered a brief malfunction when asked to brand the choreographers. The voter, Martha Shiver, attended a “Women for Moore” convene Friday in the state Capitol …

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Trump Is Trying to Make Dropping Nukes a ‘Mainstream’ Approach to War

Photo Credit: Surgay / Shutterstock Maybe you suspicion America’s nuclear arsenal, with its thousands of city-busting, potentially civilization-destroying thermonuclear warheads, was copiousness big adequate to deter any probable counter from aggressive the U.S. with nukes of their own. Well, it turns out you were wrong. The Pentagon has been fretting …

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