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Australian man uses break bags as Faraday enclosure to retard tracking by employer

A 60-year-old electrician in Perth, Western Australia had his stop inspected by a labor protest elect when it was dynamic he had been abusing his position and technical believe to fist in some distraction during operative hours. Tom Colella used mylar break bags to retard GPS tracking around his employer-assigned personal digital partner to go out to play a turn of golf—more than 140 times—while he reported he was offsite behaving repairs.

In his anticipating against Colella, Australia Fair Work Commissioner Bernie Riordan wrote:

I have taken into comment that Mr Colella plainly stored his PDA device in an dull foil “Twisties” bag. As an gifted electrician, Mr Colella knew that this bag would work as a farady cage, thereby preventing the PDA from operative properly—especially the sustenance of unchanging GPS prepare updates… Mr. Colella went out of his way to censor his whereabouts. He was endangered about Aroona tracking him when the Company introduced the PDA into the workplace. He protested about Aroona having this information at that time. Mr Colella then went out of his way to stop the functionality of the PDA by fixation it in a foil bag to create a faraday cage.

Colella, an employee of the Western Australia water government corner venture Aroona Alliance, fashioned dull foil packets of Smith’s Twisties into wanton Faraday cages, restraint the signals from GPS satellites as he ducked out to the links. Snack packets are done with a foil that combines aluminum and mylar plastic, making them electrically conductive and ideal as a proxy electromagnetic defense for mobile devices—as prolonged as the parcel is sealed and grounded—and you don’t mind a few crumbs on your device.


The Faraday enclosure is named for Michael Faraday, who detected the properties that make it work with experiments with immobile electricity and an ice pail. The outdoor surface of an intent behaving as a Faraday enclosure doesn’t retard electromagnetic phenomena as much as it distributes it around its outdoor surface and doesn’t broadcast the charge or call to its inside surfaces. At the same time, electromagnetic signals inside the “cage” are widespread out opposite the inside surface and not transmitted out.

Aluminum is not a good conductor—it heats up when a lot of energy is pushed by it—so a break bag would potentially warp if it was used to try to retard a clever radio vigilance from inside. But the signals from GPS satellites are diseased and can simply be interfered with, intentionally or not, in many ways.

Apparently, Colella’s managers were wakeful that he kept his PDA wrapped in a break bag. In his decision, Riordan wrote, “Mr. Colella’s supervisors knew that he placed his PDA in the foil bag and… should have famous the outcome that this movement would have on the PDA device.” Riordan voiced difficulty over because Aroona managers condoned the behavior, writing, “I can't know because Aroona condoned this practice, but it clearly shows that Mr Colella did not wish to be tracked.”

Colella is now apparently vital the stretchable work report life in full—NPR reports he is now operative as an Uber driver.

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