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ARMED & DANGEROUS: Man wanted for restraining up woman, sharpened her while recording on dungeon phone

Yesterday evening, at approximately 11:55 p.m., Spokane Valley Deputy Spencer Rassier beheld a car with its spin vigilance activated stopped on Adams south of Broadway. As he gathering past the vehicle, the spin vigilance went off and the car accelerated rapidly. Believing the driver’s actions were questionable and seemed to be an try to rush contact, Deputy Rassier incited around to examine but lost steer of the vehicle.

He located a set of tail lights in an alleyway between a shop and a chateau located nearby the 14600 retard of E. Broadway. As Deputy Rassier pulled in behind the vehicle, he celebrated it was the same Chrysler Sebring he celebrated journey moments before. Finding the car abandoned, he fast checked the VIN series and schooled it had not been reported as stolen. He celebrated a siphon movement shotgun sitting on the newcomer front seat, what seemed to be blood and a cellphone on the belligerent by the driver’s door.

Due to troublesome resources and not meaningful if someone was harmed or shot, aiding deputies checked the unbarred phone for information. The phone non-stop to a video of a lady who seemed to be tied up against her will and being assaulted.


Believing there was a victim who was harmed and in unfortunate need of help, deputies began acid the area, told internal hospitals and called out Major Crimes Detectives.

Deputies shortly schooled an adult female, who seemed to have been assaulted and shot, arrived at a internal hospital. Detectives contacted her and schooled her injuries seemed to be non-life-threatening.

This review is active and detectives have identified the think as the victim’s boyfriend, Daniel L. Johnson. Johnson is now wanted for Assault 1st Degree (DV) and Unlawful Imprisonment, but additional charges are expected. He has a story of being armed and should be deliberate armed and dangerous.


Johnson is described as a white male, approximately 6’02”, middle build with brief red hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information per this aroused assault, Daniel L. Johnson’s location, or has information per Johnson’s rapist activities heading up to this occurrence is urged to call 911.

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