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Apple TV 4K review: Ambition, meet reality

With the Apple TV 4K, Apple is trying to do some-more than just yield you with a tool that can stream Netflix or iTunes Store cinema in 4K. This device seeks to solve a problem: the digital TV observation knowledge is fragmented and bad, generally if you wish to use the sorts of TV network apps that embankment episodes or live broadcasts behind a wire provider.

The Apple TV 4K combines an app store, singular sign-on authentication with wire providers, Siri-driven search, and a centralized TV app to harmonize your TV observation knowledge either you’re a cord knife or just looking for an over-the-top (OTT) further to your wire subscription.

The prior Apple TV had identical goals, but the new indication adds a much faster CPU, long-overdue 4K and HDR support, and tvOS 11 (which is also accessible on the prior model). tvOS 11 aims to make your life easier with facilities like AirPod support and home-screen sync. And the Apple TV 4K plays games, too.

Using the Apple TV 4K, we can see and conclude Apple’s prophesy for a better TV experience. However, the realities of the party business have prevented that prophesy from being entirely realized—the Apple TV 4K competence still be a little too distant forward of its time.


Attempted restoration of the altogether TV browsing and observation knowledge aside, this device still aims to be the best, many modernized TV streaming device on the market. Generally, it succeeds, but its high cost and dependency on other Apple services make it tumble just bashful of an utter recommendation.

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