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Apple Just Confirmed Your Worst Suspicions About Your Slow iPhone

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For years, iPhone users have speculated that Apple was purposefully negligence the duty of its older phones. On Wednesday, consumers’ misfortune suspicions were confirmed, as the multinational tech company certified to implementing a underline in program updates for the iPhone 6, 6S and SE, as good as the iPhone 7 around iOS 11.2, that impedes the device’s opening if its battery is older, has a low charge or has grown cold. Apple also indicated that it plans to embody this underline in future iPhones.

“Our idea is to broach the best knowledge for customers, which includes altogether opening and prolonging the life of their devices,” a orator pronounced in a statement. 

Still, consumers complain that they are being manipulated into purchasing newer and ever some-more costly products. Apple was eventually forced to respond after the underline was flagged by users on Reddit, who all but accused the company of “planned obsolence.”


“Users design possibly full performance, or reduced opening with a presentation that their phone is in low-power mode. This fix creates a third, unexpected state,” John Poole of Primate Labs told the Guardian. “While this state is combined to facade a scarcity in battery power, users may trust that the slack is due to CPU performance, instead of battery performance, which is triggering an Apple-introduced CPU slowdown.”

If you find your iPhone shutting down with a 30-40 percent charge or differently behaving erratically, you competence consider swapping out the battery. To do so safely and effectively, check out The Verge’s accessible how-to guide.

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Jacob Sugarman is a handling editor at AlterNet.

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