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Anonymous Christmas Message: “Warning, You Are Being Distracted”

Over the past week, Anonymous has expelled a few engaging videos, identical to last Christmas.

It starts by saying:

Life as you know it is a lie, multitude is a cage, your jobs are intentional slavery. The radio you watch is designed to keep you unqualified of vicious suspicion and the very leisure and democracy your leaders explain to mount for is zero but an illusion.

But what are we being dreaming from?

This is loyal on a turn that even many “awake” people don’t understand. Think about every singular thing you take for postulated in logic by your viewpoint of the world: just how many of the things you believe, do you actually have justification for? How much of what you consider have you reasoned through?


There is no making the above matter contrived: no matter what kind of ridiculous sounding person spouts the thought that multitude is a cage, jobs are intentional slavery, etc. it does not stop to be true.

People of my millennial era are mostly lifted with a feeling of discordance, a miss of palliate and a determined whinging feeling that something isn’t right. It’s like the stage in the Matrix when Morpheus explains to Neo that, like a “splinter in your mind,” zero is real.

Why do we have to work for paper records that are called money? Why does the state force children to attend school at the tub of a gun, and bluster relatives with dark their children if they don’t attend school or be prepared in the state’s vision?

Who are the accurate people in energy of the companies we demeanour to for food, fuel, transportation, power, water, and all else?

There are answers to all these questions. The people in energy can, to a certain point, be tangibly identified. The men who founded the companies who now offer us what we need to tarry have names. Of course, serve occulted (or hidden) layers of energy mostly exist behind the scenes.

But we come flattering close when we start trying to brand accurately where all came from, and how. Things get much some-more transparent when we brand who runs things, or at slightest what superficial is placed there to take the censure for using things. We get closer to bargain the law when we mangle down the beliefs of the people in power, the goals of the people in power, and the mystic (hidden) eremite bulletin of the people in power.

Even some-more to the point, what is the many happy way for a human being to live? What really leads to what will prove us away to the deepest level? If you can mark manipulative function in an individual, just request that premonition to the promotion we are fed from the radio and commend the strategy there. What are they trying to manipulate people into believing?

They are trying to manipulate people into desiring in a sacrament of materialism: a sacrament of endless, omnivorous consumption, of hedonism, of crabs in a bucket.

Why do they caring so much about the ability to figure the future being disabled? It’s since the very office of humble, unchanging human complacency and leisure is a hazard to the subjugation they have us trapped in. They must keep us flooded with the lies, constantly insatiably acid for a pleasure that doesn’t exist or we would commend the bullsh*t that is “modern life.”

See, this isn’t just a unchanging government/corporate energy thing. This is an occult agenda, a religious bulletin to browbeat the people of this planet. It must be seen in that context, since that’s what the people in energy truly believe. If you wish to try why, one must demeanour at the work of a researcher such as Mark Passio or Jason Christoff.

Reading from a new post by Jason Christoff:

These would be the people paid to impress your brain with Egyptian formed symbolism, the symbolism of your human farmers, since humans impersonate as their primary form of schooled function and the social engineers wish to trigger you into their cult, formed on that human mimicry. They know your mind is designed to duplicate the function you see, so they intend to impress into your mind their ancient religion, using screen and imitation media. Any “hero” paraded in front of you currently has been palm picked since of their irrationality and their eagerness to follow orders, as prolonged as they’re given feign paper money, so they can buy some “stuff”. Reject any and all favourite ceremony of the cult and the cult members.

2017 is complicated. On one hand, people of all walks of life are apropos wakeful that all is a lie. On the other hand, those who are brainwashed, which is an impossibly large volume of people, are some-more out of their minds than maybe anyone has ever been. We are concurrently going by ruin and enlightenment. It’s not easy to tell either we are sanctified or horribly cursed.

If you saw the Anonymous video and are acid for some deeper turn truth, check out Mark Passio. His work is some-more applicable currently than maybe any other person in his margin of research. There are many some-more out there like him.

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