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Alphabet launches a cybersecurity company called “Chronicle”

Alphabet—the primogenitor company of Google, Nest, Waymo, and a million other companies—is rising a new company under the Alphabet umbrella. It’s called “Chronicle,” and the new company wants to request the common Google beliefs of appurtenance training and cloud computing to cybersecurity.

The company is already up and using with an positively overwhelming URL, “chronicle.security,” along with two introductory blog posts (1, 2), a logo, a Twitter account, and a deceptive sales representation for some kind of confidence research product. The Chronicle organisation started in Feb 2016 under Alphabet’s “Moonshot factory” X organisation and, before now, had been in stealth mode.

According to the website, the company is building a “cybersecurity comprehension platform” that can help organizations better conduct and know their own data.

Stephen Gillett, the new CEO of Chronicle, explained the company best by writing:


We wish to 10x the speed and impact of confidence teams’ work by making it much easier, faster and some-more cost-effective for them to capture and investigate confidence signals that have formerly been too formidable and costly to find. We are building the comprehension and analytics height to solve this problem.

This analytics height will be powered by the large volume of computing energy and storage in Alphabet’s server infrastructure. Gillett says this will give Chronicle two big advantages: first, Gillett says, Chronicle “should be means to help teams hunt and collect useful information and run research in minutes, rather than the hours or days it now takes.” Second, tons and tons of inexpensive Google storage will help Chronicle business “see patterns that emerge from mixed information sources and over years.”

Nailing down Chronicle’s accurate business indication is severe given it isn’t selling a product yet. For now, the company is just secretly contrast “an early alpha program” of its “cybersecurity comprehension platform.” Presumably, this means branch over a lot of information to Chronicle for analysis, but the company says things will be kept apart from Alphabet with “our own contracts and information policies with the customers.”

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