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Alex Jones Floats Delirious New ‘Star Wars’ Conspiracy Theory

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ALEX JONES (HOST): So it’s the death of good cinema that’s got Hollywood down 20 percent this year, 30 percent over the last 10 years, prior to that 50 percent in the last couple decades. Their misfortune year ever this year. This new film, if you call it that, The Last Jedi is like the last Star Wars movie we consider we can ever watch, since it’s like Russian roulette to go see this. It had some good graphics and some fun things in it, but subjecting myself and my children to every bad man being a man and all of the commanders being women, like 7 deep, like, “This commander dies, so it’s this lady and then it’s this woman,” and then they go, “The sequence of command, it goes to this woman, and the sequence of command.” And it’s all about women are in the sequence of command. Beat me over the head. Beat me over the head. we meant we get like don’t have stereotypes, show that women can be in energy positions, as if that hasn’t happened via history. Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, you name it. And a lot of times in bad roles — Margaret Sanger, the list goes on and on. Queen Elizabeth II, you know a famous certified Nazi heiling Hitler, but that’s OK, according to everybody, since she’s liberal. But this is just the beating you over the conduct to condescend women and show them in SWAT group uniforms using around and to be the police and to be in charge and the men are a garland of idiots that have to be put in line, and it just goes on and on.

And then bad Carrie Fisher, you can see her tweets and videos before she died, and that was during the filming, she died right at the finish of filming, she died right as it ended, she flew back. I’m not observant it’s a star murder or anything, but we know in Hollywood infrequently when they consider you’re finally done, if you die right after your last record, your last movie, then it triples or quadruples your portfolio. But she just finished it perfectly. Flying back, we theory celebrating or whatever, had a garland of opposite drugs in her systems and things. And I’m very unhappy for her, suspicion she played the enchantress archetype very, very well, did a good pursuit in the first films, had a prolonged life, a lot of piece problems, a lot of this had been influenced by [inaudible] family, so we don’t put her down, but it was like examination an under the overpass dweller, like we have nearby the office, who we try to bring food and stuff, who, she looked like a fundamentally an old lizard that lived under a overpass or something that could frequency talk.

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