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According to Dr. Oz, The Reason 5G Cell Towers are Being Installed Everywhere Sounds Freakishly Similar to 2008 Pixar Movie, “WALL-E”.

By B.N. Frank

On Feb 9, 2018, Dr. Oz enclosed a shred on his program about Americans who are endangered about untested 5G tiny dungeon towers being commissioned in front of their homes and via their communities.  The shred was called “The Rise of 5G Cell Towers.”

The introduction includes how Internet Service Providers (ISP) and telecom companies are installing these 5G tiny dungeon towers so Americans can

  1. Binge watch
  2. Post (online)
  3. Surf (the Internet)

without experiencing forsaken calls, slower speeds or the screens frozen up.

This describes what humans did in the movie, WALL-E.  we feel fatter just meditative about it.


His introduction also explained how smart phones and other electronic inclination use a very specific magnitude on the “Radio Frequency Spectrum.”  This magnitude he is referring to is famous by many names:

  1. Cell Phone Radiation
  2. Microwave Frequency
  3. Microwave Radiation
  4. Non-ionizing Radiation
  5. Radio Frequency (RF)
  6. Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR)
  7. Wireless Frequency (WiFi)
  8. Wireless Radiation

Dr. Oz explained that this stream “need” for 5G is – “due to the arise of smart technology, the ever flourishing series of devices in any household, ”and to meet the augmenting “need” for aloft Internet speed.

At the same time, there are many Americans who contend that they don’t need thisespecially if it means installing dungeon towers all over their neighborhoods.

Regardless, the ISPs and telecom companies have already assured settled and sovereign inaugurated officials to create new bills and pass new laws so that they can install 5G dungeon towers even when metropolitan governments and adults don’t wish them.

When we consider of these 5G tiny dungeon towers being commissioned everywhere, we consider of the Disney movie, Fantasia.  Anyone who has seen it substantially remembers the augmenting brush scene  in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

For the last several months, many Americans have also been voicing their concerns about digital obsession generally among children.  Even tech inventors and investors are speaking out about this and demanding change.

So enlivening and enabling some-more “binge-watching” and dependant function seems inappropriate, insensitive, and moronic.  Unfortunately this seems to be the normal right now.  Everybody’s gotta eat but give us a break.

Security experts also keep warning us about 5G record and “The Internet of Things” (IoT).  IoT has a 75% disaster rate already.

Back to the health issues compared with 24/7 bearing to 5G.  There are health issues that have already been documented from stream sources of wireless and electrical pollution.  Guidelines and reserve contrast are 20+ years old.  We didn’t have as much record back then.

Even if you don’t feel that it is now inspiring you, deviation bearing is cumulative.  The exposed are customarily influenced first –children, the disabled, pets, nature.

5G will supplement some-more fuel to the fire.

When now President Trump was campaigning, he betrothed to:

  1. Give the country back to the people.
  2. Make the country good again.

Tick Tock, Mr. President.

For some-more information, hit the following organizations:

  • Center For Safer Wireless
  • Citizens for Safe Technology
  • Environmental Health Trust
  • In Power Movement
  • National Association for Children and Safe Technology
  • Parents for Safe Technology
  • Scientists for Wired Tech
  • We Are The Evidence
  • Whatis5G.Info

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