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A Montana ‘Handmaid’s Tale’: Local Prosecutor Calls for ‘Immediate Crackdown’ on Pregnant Drug and Alcohol Users

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A Montana prosecutor called this week for an “immediate crackdown” on women who use drugs or ethanol while pregnant, propelling friends, family members, health caring providers, and even strangers to spin in women they think to authorities. The prosecutor also warned drug- or alcohol-using profound women to “immediately self-report” to state health authorities to equivocate rapist prosecution.

Even yet there is 0 systematic justification ancillary policies of duress and punishment destined to profound women, some jurisdictions, especially in the South, have taken to prosecuting women who give birth to children with drugs in their system. That’s not good adequate for Big Horn County Attorney Gerald Harris, who has concocted a poisonous decoction of right-wing, anti-choice, supposed fetal rights policies, and fight on drugs ideology, along with a good dollop of real-world secular disparity, to call for prosecuting profound women—and to go after them if they find abortions to equivocate prosecution.

In a Thursday press release, County Attorney Harris announced the crackdown, observant he will find insurance orders confining profound women from any non-medically prescribed use of unlawful drugs or alcohol, and those who violate the orders will be jailed to “incapacitate” them.  


“It is simply not acceptable to the village that the insurance of innocent, unborn children victimized in this demeanour and theme to a intensity lifetime of incapacity and hardship relies exclusively on social workers stealing the child from the control of the mom at birth,” Harris said. “This proceed is not timely and has not proven to be a sufficient halt to this dangerous, unsuitable function and will no longer be the state’s policy in Big Horn County.”

Big Horn County, home to the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Native American reservations, is 60% Native American and 33% white.  

Harris called on both the reservations and other prosecutors in Montana to join him in his crusade, which National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) described as a “reckless call to hunt down profound women.” The advocacy organisation pronounced it was “shocked by this attack on the health, liberty, and simple human rights of women in Big Horn County.”

Harris’ matter “irresponsibly promotes medical and systematic misinformation, promotes an environment of fear and reflects a intolerable negligence for the rights and contentment of women and families,” NAPW charged.

NAPW warned that Harris has no authorised management to lift out such a policy, observant duress would violate state and sovereign law. It also had a heads-up for intensity busy-bodies: “People who mind the prosecutor’s call to report profound women and violate studious remoteness and confidentiality may themselves be theme to authorised action,” the organisation advised.

As NAPW noted, policies of duress and punishment destined at profound women are actually counterproductive. Such policies daunt women from seeking prenatal health caring and may even drive some to find abortions to equivocate arrest. This is where Harris’ anti-choice politics and perspective of women as radically little some-more than incubators rears its head.

“In the eventuality an awaiting mom chooses to cancel an unborn child instead of refraining from drug or ethanol use and lawsuit extends over the internal courts, we trust Attorney General Fox will make the right decision on interest of all Montanans and continue this fight to the border required to safeguard probity is afforded to the many exposed of the society,” he warned.

The NAPW, for its part, cautions women against “self reporting” to supervision agencies that could detain them and is propelling “every medical and open health provider in Big Horn County to immediately conflict this dangerous, unethical, and counterproductive policy.” The organisation also encourages everybody who supports the health, dignity, and human rights of profound women to hit Harris “to let him know you conflict this vast action.” 

Harris solemnly supposing his bureau phone series on his press release: (406) 665-9721. 

Phillip Smith is editor of the AlterNet Drug Reporter and author of the Drug War Chronicle.

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