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A Doctor’s Tips for Marijuana Dosing So You Don’t Get Too High

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Marijuana dosing, what is the trick? Here’s a story that newcomers can understand.

Years ago we drank vast amounts of coffee. This softened my ability to work prolonged hours and to keep up with my studies and work. Over time we found that we indispensable augmenting amounts for the same enterprising buzz. we also remarkable with incomparable amounts we gifted some rancour and amiable tremors.

At that indicate we knew that we indispensable to take a mangle from caffeine. Months after when we had my first cup, we had the same appetite as if we had formerly had 4 cups but tremors. This believe is standard of caffeine sensitization and shows that augmenting dosages increases the risks of side effects.  This also allows us to simulate on self-dosing regimens.

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We have to be responsive of dosing when using medical marijuana. There are many factors that have to be deliberate when using this as a medication. Generally the studious learns what sip works for them. But this can be a non-static outcome formed on many factors including nap patterns, variability of symptoms of the illness process, mental state among others.

Absorption of the cannabis is also a factor. Certainly it is easier to titrate the cannabis for outcome when smoked or vaporized due to the fact that it is fast absorbed, but unfortunately the effects do not last as prolonged as when eaten. Consuming cannabis by eating it, celebration it or as a whiff has a some-more durability effect, but training a scold sip is some-more formidable due to the fact that the full outcome may not be felt to 1-2 hours.

Another issue to consider is the effective sip itself. We know that for certain diseases such as anxiety, a low sip of cannabis can assuage the symptoms given a aloft sip can actually wear the symptoms. This is a case where reduction is more.

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At times we can run into problems with desensitization or tachyphylaxis. Desensitization is caused by a high-intensity diagnosis or mostly steady impulse bringing on a discontinued response. This is positively what we gifted with caffeine. We see this in long-term users of cannabis very frequently. They notice that they need a much aloft sip to have the same outcome physically and mentally. This requires stop of the diagnosis for a while to concede the physique and receptors to reset back to normal.

Studies have shown that the physique and receptors will reset after two days. This unfortunately means that the symptoms of the illness may recover or wear while the physique is resetting. During this duration of time the studious has to possibly endure the worsening symptoms or use choice drugs or non-medical therapies to assuage symptoms. When the cannabis is restarted, a reduce sip can then be used for the same effect.

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Tachyphylaxis is a fast diminution of response to a drug after a singular or series of tiny doses. We can see this in the use of some pharmaceuticals. We find that augmenting the sip may revive the initial response.

At this time, we do not know of any systematic studies that have suggested tachyphylaxis in organisation with cannabis. But we are still in the decline of pristine medical believe of cannabis.

So now we are in a conundrum. If my sip is not working, do we stop the drug to reset or boost the sip looking for a better effect? At this indicate we would first demeanour at the time duration in which the drug has been used.

If it has been days or weeks given initiating the remedy with reduction effect, we would boost the sip to the preferred effect. If my symptoms have been fast of months and then are returning, caring should be done towards a weekend divided from cannabis. But we also would have to consider other factors than the remedy itself.

Could the illness routine be worsening? Are there other factors concerned such as point diseases or stresses in life? This is a conditions where we would inspire the person with the illness to reconnect with their health caring provider.


Thomas Green, MD, has 11 years of training and 32 years of clinical practice.

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