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A Christmas present from Game Boy ROM hackers: Super Mario Land 2 in color

The Christmas holiday deteriorate is traditionally a good time to kick back and locate up on lost video games, and usually, we suggest doing so with majorly ignored video diversion sales. That’s still the case (and every platform, from Steam to Nintendo eShop to Xbox Live to PlayStation Network to GoG, seems to have a sale going on right now), but this year’s coolest holiday offer can't be purchased: an out-of-nowhere ROM penetrate for one of Nintendo’s best strange Game Boy games.

Today, a classic-game hacker who goes by the hoop Toruzz expelled a “ROM patch” for Nintendo’s 1992 diversion Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. This 25th-anniversary recover adds a “DX” appendix to the game’s name, and that’s since it’s been designed privately to run on strange Game Boy Color hardware. As a result, the ROM penetrate adds support for the Game Boy Color’s stretched tone palette—which could run up to 56 colors on the screen simultaneously, as broken down by several sprite-specific palettes—along with support for the GBC’s faster CPU.

The outcome isn’t just a some-more pleasing and colorful chronicle of the classical diversion (which, if you’re gripping track, served as the central entrance of Mario’s rival Wario). It also removes the game’s issues with screen flickering, and it introduces a few gameplay twists, including the mint option to play as a fluttery-jumping Luigi. In sequence to play this updated version, you’ll need entrance to the strange ROM (which is easier to do legally interjection to low-priced cartridge-ROM dumpers like the $50 Joey). Once you’ve patched it with Toruzz’s file, you can then dump the ROM back onto a concordant cartridge and play the diversion on a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, or Game Boy Player.

GIF explanation that the jumping production for Mario and Luigi have been tweaked in this ROM hack.

Nintendo never expelled an official, colorized chronicle of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for its after portable systems. Instead, Nintendo slapped the “DX” diagnosis onto the strange NES Super Mario Bros. on the Game Boy Color, along with Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX. Coincidentally, Toruzz’s ROM-hacking story includes a tweak to Link’s Awakening DX to purify up its content boxes and fonts. (Maybe the person should change his/her ROM-hacking hoop to ToruzzDX.)


Nintendo’s story with community-developed ROM hacks and releases has been unsuitable for years. Some hacks, from Tomato’s famed Mother 3 English-language patch to a Pauline-rescues-Mario turn on Donkey Kong, have remained online for years. Others, from a Pokémon diversion patch to a rebuilt Metroid 2: Return of Samus, were almost immediately DMCA-lasered out of orbit. Thus, if you’re a classic-Nintendo fan with any seductiveness in this SML2 patch, you should substantially download first, ask questions later.

Listing picture by Toruzz/Nintendo

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