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7 Chilling Facts About the Winter ‘Bomb Cyclone’ About to Blast the East Coast

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A bomb charge is attack the reduce United States, and it’s dipping good into southern states not accustomed to this kind of Arctic freeze.

Here are 7 terrifying contribution about this storm, including maps and projections that should advise you to gold up over the next several days.

1. What is a explosve cyclone?


“Bomb cyclone” is new to meteorological terminology, yet phrases like “polar vortex” have been in use for years. If the charge continues to rise as scientists predict, it could create a weather settlement the likes of which the East Coast of the United States has never seen. After a series of sleet storms, temperatures are approaching to plunge Thursday in record-setting freezes. The windy vigour is also approaching to dump Thursday, gripping scientists glued to their incoming satellite data.

“It will be massive,” National Weather Service meteorologist Ryan Maue warned on Twitter Tuesday.



2. It’s colder in the reduce U.S. than in Alaska

Tuesday night, meteorologists reported temperatures in Alaska were aloft than in Jacksonville, Florida. “This is not record-breaking for Canada or Alaska or northern Siberia, it’s just misplaced,” pronounced Judah Cohen, a winter charge consultant for Atmospheric Environmental Research. He’s forecasting a colder than normal winter for much of the U.S.



3. The vigour is approaching to tumble impossibly fast

In the renouned healthy disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow,” the eye of a solidified hurricane-like charge causes the temperatures to tumble so fast an American dwindle freezes in the wind. The windy vigour isn’t approaching to dump utterly that quickly, but the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang believes the charge will bear “explosive strengthening.”

4. It looks like a solidified hurricane.

polar spiral 2018

Pressure and breeze cognisance of charge off the seashore of New England on Thursday. (WindyTV.com)

The National Weather Service has already posted winter charge warmings on the seashore of Florida. It’ll continue its trail up the East Coast like a solidified hurricane.


5. This is the first winter charge warning released by the National Weather Service bureau in Tallahassee in 4 years.

According to the Weather Channel, the NWS in Tallahasse had to issue a winter charge warning for the first time in 4 years. The last time was Winter Storm Leon, which constructed ice and sleet all over the southeastern United States and caused a transport calamity in Atlanta and opposite Florida and Alabama.


6. An ice charge is approaching in northern Florida.

Polar spiral predictions for 2018. (Photo: AccuWeather map screen capture)

CNN meteorologist Chad Myers warned that every time “you see pinkish in Florida” you know things are going to be bad.

7. The sleet may means large infrastructure problems.

(Photo: Weather channel screen capture)

In an area of the country that doesn’t see serious winter weather, things like sleet plows or sleet blowers aren’t a tack for municipalities. When they locate the brunt of a snowstorm, it can means large infrastructure problems. Roads won’t be plowed with the speed seen in places like Ohio or Michigan.

Sarah K. Burris writes about politics and record for Raw Story. 

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