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62 years after Jaguar is building the final 25, million-dollar D-Types

Back in the mid-1950s, the Jaguar D-Type was what upheld for a hypercar. It bristled with cutting-edge technology, and D-Types won Le Mans every year from 1955 to 1957. Today, the company suggested it is putting the racecar back into production, with a run of 25 new D-Types. The cars will be palm built at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Warwickshire in the UK using the strange drawings and papers from the time.

The 1950s is when Jaguar cemented its repute as a company on the slicing corner of automotive technology. Design arch Malcolm Sayer had already borrowed a couple of ideas from the aerospace attention for the C-Type racer, and the automobile builder introduced front brakes and aerodynamics. But the D-Type was even some-more revolutionary.

Instead of a spaceframe like the C-Type (or Mercedes-Benz’ rival 300 SLR), the D-Type used panels of aluminum welded together into a unibody chassis. It was the first time this proceed had been used for a car, but not the last; in 2018, contingency are overwhelmingly high that your car also uses a monocoque chassis.


The new D-Type isn’t the first time Jaguar has dipped into its back catalog. Starting in 2014, it built 6 new Lightweight E-Type racers and, in 2017, 9 “lost” XKSSes. Like those cars, we don’t design a reissued D-Type to be quite cheap. Prices haven’t been announced yet, but we design one to cost at slightest $1 million.

Yet, compared to one of the originals, a million bucks is actually a bargain: in 2016, one sole at auction for almost $22 million. But that $22 million instance should be seen as an outlier: its race story and provenance have driven up the price. Still, even a ratty D-Type from the 1950s will set you back $3-4 million, making a 2018 D-Type a relations discount in that context.

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