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6 Things Trump Actually Deserves Credit For

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Donald Trump is not telekinetic. His brain may be a medical marvel, but for terrible reasons, not given he can pierce objects with his mind. Nonetheless, Trump recently took credit for gripping airplanes all around the universe from crashing in 2017.

“Since holding bureau we have been very despotic on Commercial Aviation,” the (I still can’t trust this person is) boss tweeted Tuesday morning. “Good news – it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!”

Yet there hasn’t been a deadly airline pile-up in the U.S. given 2009, and the stream conduct of the FAA is Obama nominee Michael Huerta. If we’re going to arbitrarily assigning credit for planes staying in the sky, maybe we should give it to the man whose pursuit outline includes “the reserve and potency of the largest aerospace complement in the world.” Or maybe pilots, or presumably aeroplane mechanics. Or according to Trump’s logic, every singular person in the universe who took a moody this year, given I’m certain we all were “very strict” about the wish not to die in a craft crash.


Trump frequently takes credit for things he had no partial in, from pursuit deals struck under Obama’s presidency, to spark jobs that don’t exist, to finale imperative jail sentences for saying, “Merry Christmas.” If he demands credit for every good thing—including the things he just creates up—that means holding the censure for the bad as well. Particularly given he actually played a partial in a lot of awful new events.

With that in mind, here are just 6 things for which Trump actually deserves credit.

1. The misfortune year in mass shootings.

“This isn’t a guns situation,” Trump claimed in a mind-boggling matter after a man with a gun killed 26 people at a Texas church. (The man was white, thankfully, or it would have been terrorism.)

That sharpened came roughly one month after a gunman killed 58 people and harmed some-more than 500 others in Las Vegas, a conditions Trump nonsensically described as a “miracle.” If the sharpened had been in Chicago (both the city and the GOP extremist dog whistle), it would have triggered a hazard to “send in the feds!”

Instead, Trump ($30.3 million from the NRA) and his complicit congressional Republicans ($54 million from the NRA in 2016) did zero but issue invalid post-massacre “thoughts and prayers.” At the very least, they merit to separate credit for 2017 being the deadliest year for mass shootings in complicated history. There were 345 mass killing incidents, ensuing in 574 deaths.

2. The death of some-more than 1,000 Americans in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria was a harmful healthy disaster, but there was zero healthy about the death fee that followed the storm. Trump’s response wavered between cruel insusceptibility and ubiquitous ineptitude, and both were echoed via his cupboard and party. As Puerto Ricans struggled but fresh water or electricity, Trump tweeted insults about the island’s debts, claimed service efforts were hampered by “big water…ocean water,” and nodded to his extremist bottom with complaints that survivors “want[ed] all to be finished for them.”

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz’s increasingly desirous appeals for help were met with rude, misogynist responses, which Trump tweeted from the comfort of his oppulance golf course. Meanwhile, survivors were driven to splash from poisonous water sources out of perfect desperation. When Trump finally did revisit the island, he was his standard buffoonish self, demanding regard from internal politicians and radically obsequious residents should be beholden thousands some-more hadn’t perished. Did we discuss he suspicion it was a good thought to whip survivors with cans of chicken? Because Trump is the worst. Not misfortune president. Just misfortune ever.

The central death total for Puerto Rico stays at 64, but that sum blink is formed only on the series of people killed by the storm. Far some-more have died as a outcome of the Trump administration’s deplorable response. A New York Times review puts the fee closer to 1,050. On Dec 29, the governor’s bureau announced that “approximately 55 percent of the business who are means to accept electric energy have their service restored.” An unsuitable series of people sojourn but beverage water.

Back on the mainland last week, Trump visited one of his golf courses for the 92nd time given he was elected. According to Trump Golf Count (a site that does just one thing, but stays awful busy), the estimated cost of those visits to taxpayers is at slightest $46,239,580.

3. A three-year high in spark miner deaths.

In the singular moments when they were not being interviewed about their invariable support for Trump by the New York Times, spark miners mostly watched as their jobs continued to disappear. (By simply fibbing about the series of new spark jobs, Trump simply countered this understandable reality among his trusting base.) Even some-more tragically, the series of spark miner deaths rose to 15 last year after attack a record low of 8 in 2016.

In mid-December, the Trump administration’s mining regulators wrote that they may be deliberation getting absolved of Obama-era manners around spark and stone dirt designed to guarantee against black lung. “I consider it’s a very bad vigilance for spark miners…I don’t consider the Trump administration has spark miners’ best interests at heart. They’re aligned with spark cave operators as against to miners, and the only reasons they would wish to free these manners or revisit these manners are to break them,” Tony Oppegard, a Kentucky profession who represents miners, told the Associated Press.

Back in 1990, Trump told Playboy magazine, “The spark miner gets black-lung disease, his son gets it, then hisson. If I had been the son of a spark miner, we would have left the damn mines. But many people don’t have the imagination–or whatever–to leave their mine. They don’t have ‘it.’”

4. Hate crimes soaring.

During his sincerely extremist campaign, assailants concerned in large hatred crimes began citing Trump as their source of inspiration. That settlement continued following Trump’s election, with the SPLC tallying 1,863 disposition crimes between Nov 9 Mar 31. After a arise in anti-Muslim crimes during Trump’s candidacy in 2016, a new report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations identifies 2017 as one of the misfortune years on record for Islamophobic attacks. The Anti-Defamation League found that by Sep 30, there were some-more anti-Semitic incidents, “including earthy assaults, vandalism, and attacks on Jewish institutions” than in the whole of 2016. Also in September, the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University at San Bernardino catalogued a steep boost in hatred crimes in vast cities, including those filled with “liberal” types:

In New York City, hatred crimes jumped 28.4 percent; in Los Angeles by 13 percent; in Philadelphia by 9 percent; in Chicago, by 8.3 percent, and in Phoenix, Arizona, by a whopping 46 percent. Houston, the nation’s No. 4 city, bucked the trend, stating 5 incidents by Jul 31, the same series as last year.

Richard Collins III, a black Bowie State University tyro and serviceman, was stabbed to death by a white extremist in October. Timothy Caughman, an African American, was murdered by a sword-wielding white supremacist who conspicuous the killing was a “practice run” for a rash of extremist killings he designed to undertake. A garland of “White Lives Matter” thugs, including uber-Nazi Matthew Heimbach, pounded an interracial couple in Tennessee. Symbols of extremist terror, including a series of nooses left at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, abounded.

Trump conspicuous a organisation of white extremist marchers in Charlottesville, among them the man who struck and killed Heather Heyer with his vehicle, enclosed “some very excellent people.” The quote led large detractors to credit Trump of being a white supremacist, but that’s only given he totally is.

5. Related, the steep arise in schoolyard bullying.

The Racist-Bully-in-Chief has led by instance from the moment he hit the campaign trail:

In a consult of K-12 educators in the months before Trump’s election win, the SPLC found a steep arise in incidents of extremist bullying. In the weeks after Nov 8, a check of 10,000 K-12 teachers, counselors and administrators found an uptick in the “use of slurs and derogative language, and disturbing incidents involving swastikas, Nazi salutes and Confederate flags.” Roughly 90 percent of respondents conspicuous the “school meridian has been negatively affected, and many of them trust it will have a long-lasting impact.” Similarly, “80 percent report heightened stress and regard on the partial of students worried about the impact of the election on themselves and their families.”

A Buzzfeed News research of information from the Documenting Hate Project incited up “more than 50 incidents, opposite 26 states, in which a K-12 tyro invoked Trump’s name or summary in an apparent bid to harass a classmate during the past school year.” A consult from the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at the University of California at Los Angeles, found “more than 20 percent of teachers reported heightened polarization on campus and incivility in their classrooms…[and] 27.7 percent of teachers reported an boost in students making derogative remarks about other groups during category discussions.” A series of teachers interviewed “described how the domestic sourroundings ‘unleashed’ virulently racist, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, or homophobic tongue in their schools and classrooms.”

“Individuals who do bay perspectives and injustice and prejudice now feel empowered to offer their views some-more naturally in category discussions, which has led to tension, and even dispute in the classroom,” one Indiana teacher stated.

“I had students mount up in the center of category and directly residence their peers with secular slurs,” an Ohio teacher said. “This is not something we have seen before.”

6. International transport to the U.S. plummeted.

As early as March, the transport attention was forecasting a decrease in the series of visitors to America from other countries and presaging a detriment of billions in tourism dollars. The drop-off was dubbed the Trump Slump, mostly given the boss is awful and his name should be compared with the awful things his presidency causes. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce National Travel and Tourism, general transport to America fell 4 percent last year over 2016. While there was a drop-off in visitors from every universe region, the decrease was many conspicuous with Middle East visitors from apparent reasons.

The only segment that saw an boost in U.S. visitors was Canada, and they’re only coming here to remind Trump he lost that handshake battle with Trudeau.

Kali Holloway is a comparison author and the associate editor of media and enlightenment at AlterNet.

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