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5 Right-Wing Media Men Who Should Stop Talking About Sexual Assault

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Sexual attack allegations against Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and other men have supposing the many ignorant total in worried media new opportunities to declaim some-more nonsense about things they don’t understand. The pundits of Fox and Breitbart lead the pack: they have outrageous audiences of millions, and yet zero of them have any imagination in sex crimes, mishap or gender dynamics, they feel entitled to supplement their two cents to the conversation. 

1. Sean Hannity

The reigning aristocrat of the worried relate chamber, Hannity has been unsurprisingly discerning to urge Roy Moore, and invited the Alabama parliament claimant onto his show to repudiate the charges against him. Hannity and Fox News supposed authorised consultant Mercedes Colwin expressed skepticism of the 5 women who have accused Moore of passionate abuse, oblivious about women who make fake accusations, with Hannity wondering if Moore’s accusers could be speaking out in hunt of income or attention. The authorised expert’s response? Actual victims of abuse are “very few and distant between.”


Hannity after tried to weasel out of these comments, but his invulnerability of Moore fits his prolonged story of fortifying male predators. Last year, he called the leaked Access Hollywood pussy-grabbing fasten a “distraction,” and suggested that the women Trump targeted actually welcomed his advances.

2. Tucker Carlson

Carlson took Hannity’s line on the Roy Moore accusations, refusing to take Moore’s mixed accusers at their word. (A Dept. of Justice study found that women frequency distortion about passionate assault.) He has no consolation for the women, the aplomb it took for them to pronounce out, or the mishap that comes with being subjected to harassment. When Mark Halperin was accused of attack by several unknown women a few days later, Carlson demanded they exhibit their identities. On his Fox News show progressing in November, he wondered since “news organizations arrange of only imitation half the story” of passionate assault.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Carlson has shown regularly that he knows zero about the subject. He once suggested that Democrats “made up the judgment of passionate harassment” and claimed that “sexual nuisance by clarification takes place in private.”

3. John Nolte

While deliberating passionate nuisance in Hollywood on Breitbart radio progressing this month, Nolte, a Breitbart columnist, displayed his ignorance in a diatribe that enclosed gems like, “What’s so humorous is that there’s some-more women using Hollywood now than ever before and this problem is still there. So the answer is not some-more women in power.” He went on to contend that the #MeToo transformation is “like the AIDS ribbon. You know, we feel very bad for these women, but it’s arrange of apropos a standing symbol.”

That’s right, Nolte believes women who pronounce out after being raped, assaulted or tormented are status-seeking bandwagon-jumpers. Could this be the many underrated instance of white male payoff of the year?

4. Geraldo Rivera

Jumping into the Harvey Weinstein conversation, Rivera gave Fox viewers his absurd discernment into the position of the determined actresses who were Weinstein’s visit victims: “She knows that she’s got a very singular time. It’s a very frail window that she has to make it big in a rarely rival attention where if she doesn’t make it by 23, 25, in the displaying attention it’s 23 skidoo. There is good inducement on both parts.”

You review that right. Rivera suggested Weinstein’s victims succumbed to his advances since they suspicion it would be a good career move. 

5. Joel Pollack

The Breitbart editor yesterday shielded Roy Moore, using a Ringo Starr verse to advise his rapacious advances on teenage girls were just partial of a informative norm: “You know, in 1973, Ringo Starr hit series one on the billboard charts with a strain ‘You’re 16 and You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine.’ He was 30-something at the time, singing about a 16-year-old. You wish to take divided Ringo Starr’s achievement?”

Please, stop talking.

Liz Posner is a handling editor at AlterNet. Her work has seemed on Forbes.com, Bust, Bustle, Refinery29, and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter at @elizpos.



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