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5 Reasons Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is Bad for Communities and the Planet

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Trump has announced the sum of his infrastructure plan, and it paints a frightening picture. At best, it’s a money-making scam. At its worst, it endangers the families, communities and the planet.

Trump will play up his “vision” during his State of the Union debate tonight. In credentials for that address, here are 5 reasons we need Congress to stop Trump’s dangerous infrastructure scam:

1. Trump’s Scheme is a Wall Street Giveaway


The devise reads like a to-do list of How to Give Public Land and Water to Wall Street. The finish goal: to privatize the internal water systems and open services so companies can make a profit. Meanwhile, bland people will compensate the cost: cost increases, a miss of open burden and a detriment of jobs.

Many of the water systems were built a hundred years ago (that’s not an exaggeration). But the supervision has invested reduction and reduction into gripping the infrastructure up to date—meaning unaffordable water service rates and undrinkable daub water in places like Flint.

Click to Tweet: Selling the roads, bridges and water systems off to the top bidder is NOT the solution.

2. The Plan Will Make Water Unaffordable 

The bulk of this bulletin is to lift rates and privatize open systems. Water bills would need to ascend to concede Wall Street to profit, heading to unaffordable bills and some-more water shutoffs. Food Water Watch has researched the cost of privatization: privately owned water systems charge 59 percent some-more than publicly owned systems.

Already, more than one in 10 people nationally are struggling to compensate their water bills—and the consequences can be dire. Water service can be close off for nonpayment, leaving families but using water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, flushing toilets and soaking hands. People can even remove their homes by eviction or taxation sales and foreclosures since of delinquent water bills.

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3. Trump Is Attacking Poor People and Communities of Color

Federal assistance would not go to places that need the support, but instead, it would be prioritized to wealthier municipalities that can already compensate for infrastructure projects. The only probable reason for this: this is NOT a devise designed to urge people’s lives.

Low-income towns and communities of tone compensate aloft water rates than their wealthier, whiter neighbors. And even within a community, the mistreat is not felt equally. Water shutoffs disproportionately impact people of tone in places like Boston and Detroit. Corporate investors, driven by profit, have no reason to put income into low income and rural areas.

Trump’s priorities are wrong. His devise provides no income dedicated to communities that need it most. It includes no sustenance that prioritizes communities with affordability or open health challenges. Trump’s bulletin will not help low-income cities like Flint, farming communities like Martin County, Kentucky, or other struggling communities residence their water crises.

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4. This Scheme Cuts Federal Funding for Public Water

Trump is not going to boost sovereign funding for infrastructure; instead, his scheme relies on smoke and mirrors. 

Trump provides no additional appropriation to the State Revolving Funds, USDA’s farming water fund or any of the existent programs that yield dedicated appropriation for water projects or technical assistance to struggling water systems.  

Federal appropriation for water infrastructure is at its lowest indicate in decades. Instead of reversing the decline, Trump’s devise provides 0 dollars to the rarely successful Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Fund programs, which are the categorical source of sovereign support for the internal water and cesspool systems. Despite not augmenting support to these funds, Trump seeks to open up the purify water fund to private entities. This amounts to holding divided existent sovereign income from the internal governments to give to big water corporations. That’s not all. Trump intends to concede private companies to use federally subsidized WIFIA water loans to franchise and undisguised buy open water and cesspool systems. 

Click to Tweet: His devise is a zero-sum game: there will be no new funds, just a shuffling of what already exists to make it easier for Wall Street to profit.

5. This Plan Will Devastate the Environment 

We can design his bill to have large cuts to EPA and even sovereign water funding. Last year, Trump’s bill proposed completely expelling USDA’s farming water program. Now,  he wants to tummy environmental protections to rush them by the needing process.

The leaked infrastructure devise could embody fracking in the inhabitant parks and offshore oil drilling. It also will yield new sovereign subsidies for potentially high-risk oil and gas projects. And all this since Trump thinks he can spin $200 billion into $1 trillion—or $1.7 trillion, depending on apparently his mood—by immature lighting and fast-tracking big infrastructure and tube projects.

Click to Tweet: This regulatory rollback does not create new projects or jobs; it just creates existent plans riskier and some-more dangerous for the health of the communities, workers and the planet.

Access to Safe, Affordable Water Must Be Protected

Trump’s infrastructure devise is a giveaway to companies at the responsibility of the open health and the environment. Communities merit a contend in how their water systems are managed, and decisions about shared essential resources such as water should be done with the public’s seductiveness in mind, not the intensity distinction margins of Trump’s Wall Street cronies.  

We need a just and estimable infrastructure devise that dedicates sovereign appropriation for open water and wastewater systems, creates companies compensate their satisfactory share instead of burdening operative and middle-class families and prioritizes exposed communities with the biggest affordability and open health needs.

To get to a genuine solution, we must conflict Trump’s infrastructure scam.

Take Action: Click here to tell your senators to support appropriation for water infrastructure.

This essay was creatively published by Food Water Watch.

Mary Grant is the Public Water for All Campaign Director at Food Water Watch.

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