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’30 Other People Backed Up those Eight Women’: ABC’s Martha Raddatz Slams Roy Moore Strategist for Calling Moore’s Victims Liars

Martha Raddatz speaking to Dean Young on ABC’s This Week.
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ABC’s Martha Raddatz called out Roy Moore campaign strategist Dean Young on Sunday after he accidentally called women liars for accusing the GOP claimant of passionate misconduct.

During an talk on ABC’s This Week, horde Martha Raddatz ignored Young’s invulnerability of Moore, observant that “the function he’s accused of would many likely not be in front of you or anyone else.”

“Their stories are descending apart,” Young pronounced of the women who have accused Moore. “[Accuser Beverly Young Nelson] told you one thing weeks ago and now — two days ago — she’s coming out with profession Gloria Allred’s playground and saying, ‘Well you know, Judge Moore didn’t write all this [in her yearbook].’”


Raddatz fast corrected the Moore surrogate: “You are articulate about Beverly Young Nelson who alleges Moore groped her and painful her next in the late 1970s when she was 16 years old. And as justification of meaningful him, she has been showing an marker Moore done in her high school annual before the purported assault.”

Nelson after explained that she had done records under Moore’s annual inscription, causing conservatives to tag her as a liar.

“Does that meant the rest of it is a forgery?” Raddatz asked Young.

“Well, let’s just put it this way,” Young opined. “Somebody is not revelation the law and it’s not Judge Moore. Everybody in Alabama has famous that Judge Moore has been revelation the law the whole time. And this is positively explanation that this lady went on TV — inhabitant TV with Gloria Allred of all people, somebody from California trying to change the elections in Alabama — went on TV and told the whole universe that Judge Moore wrote all that and now she’s coming back 3 days before the election and saying, ‘I’m wrong. He didn’t write all of that.’”

Raddatz pushed back, watching that the Washington Post had oral to “eight people articulate about some arrange of inapt function or flat-out assault.”

“Do you consider these women all just done it up?” the ABC horde pressed. “Women in the Washington Post story didn’t even know any other.”

Young contended that Moore’s accusers had “come out of the woodwork.”

“I’m not certain because they did it,” he insisted. “I don’t trust them and the people of Alabama don’t trust them. But we guess, you know, one of them was in Time magazine, one of them was on your show on Friday. Everybody wants to be on TV. Maybe that’s the reason.”

“You are job Leigh Corfman a liar?” Raddatz asked, referring to a lady who accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 14.

“I’m observant Leigh Corfman is not revelation the truth,” Young snapped. “This feign account about Judge Moore that the people of Alabama have been putting up with for 3 or 4 weeks is descending detached in front of y’all’s eyes. And he will be the next senator from Alabama and he will go up and help Trump.”

Raddatz refused to let Young boot the charges against Moore so easily.

“That yearbook, they have pronounced that’s evidence,” she said. “And 30 other people corroborated up those eight women in the Washington Post story.”

Watch the video next from ABC.

David Edwards is a author for Raw Story. 

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