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3 Florida Men Sentenced To Life For Trafficking Meth

Ft. Myers, Florida – U.S. District Judge Sheri Polster Chappell has condemned Brown Laster, Jr. (37, Tampa), Jerry Browdy (44, Riverview, FL), and Wesley Petiphar (30, Davenport) any to life in sovereign jail for swindling to discharge some-more than 500 grams of methamphetamine. The Court also systematic Browdy to pledge $106,060 and Petiphar to pledge $22,400, which are traceable to the deduction of the offense. As partial of their sentences, the Court imposed a excellent of $1 million for Laster and $500,000 any for Browdy and Petiphar.

A sovereign jury found the people guilty on Jul 28, 2017.


According to testimony and justification presented at trial, Laster, Browdy, and Petiphar were partial of a swindling to ship kilograms of methamphetamine from Sacramento, California to several hotels in Florida and Georgia around Federal Express.

The justification showed that, via 2015, the men had sent approximately 40 packages of methamphetamine by the mail per week. The packages were delivered to co-conspirators who had been recruited to wait at the hotels for the packages of methamphetamine to arrive. The packages were then delivered to internal drug traffickers. In addition, declare testimony suggested that the men enforced the swindling by violence, including one occurrence where a auxiliary declare had a gun placed in his mouth with such force that the gun knocked out some of his front teeth.

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