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23 Reasons Why the NRA Is Functionally Racist

NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch.
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In the Oct book of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) magazine America’s 1st Freedom, NRA executive clamp boss and CEO Wayne LaPierre takes on what he calls the “false notion” from the “gun-ban media” that “somehow the NRA is racist.”

Outlets covering the NRA and race should consider these examples — starting with LaPierre himself — in evaluating his claims:

  1. After Hurricane Sandy struck New York City and other tools of the East Coast in 2013, LaPierre was criticized for essay an op-ed in which he falsely claimed that “looters ran furious in south Brooklyn” and fearmongered about “Latin American drug gangs.” Conservative commentator Joe Scarborough described the claims as “so laced with secular overtones.” Progressive commentator Touré pointed out that LaPierre “spoke of presumably prevalent crime and murder in some place he called South Brooklyn. … Put aside that no stating bears that out. we live in Brooklyn, we have for a prolonged time, and there is no place referred to as South Brooklyn, but we consider it’s protected to contend that when he says that, much of the country envisions a place clogged with black people.”

  2. During the NRA’s 2015 annual meeting, LaPierre referenced the finish of the Obama administration and told the crowd, “Eight years of one demographically mystic boss is enough.” Reacting to the comment, Pulitzer-winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. wrote, “LaPierre traded his dog alarm for an air horn.”

  3. During a 2014 speech, LaPierre adopted conservative media’s racially charged claims about the (nonexistent) “knockout game” materialisation — in which black youths presumably attack unsuspecting, mostly white, victims on the street for fun — to hype gun ownership.

  4. Activists and some gun owners castigated the NRA for its feeble response to the deadly sharpened of Philando Castile, a black, law-abiding gun owner, by a Minnesota police officer in 2016.

  5. Despite its supposed hyperfocus on terrorism, the NRA’s news show was silent after a neo-Nazi rammed his automobile into a organisation of anti-racist demonstrators, killing romantic Heather Heyer and wounding 19 others, during a white jingoist criticism in Charlottesville, VA, in August.

  6. NRATV, one of the NRA’s media outlets, recently hired regressive commentator Bill Whittle, who has a prolonged lane record of making race-baiting comments. Whittle has promoteddiscredited theories that predicate black people are reduction inherently intelligent than members of other races and claimed that African-Americans dedicate voter rascal on interest of Democrats as a condition of ongoing slavery. Whittle also once pronounced that people in middle cities are “unemployable — impoverished and unemployable — they’ve been on assistance their whole lives, they’ve never had to work before,” and that these people should get jobs since a pursuit “beats the laziness” out of people and “disciplines” them into “civility.”

  7. While appearing on NRATV, Whittle claimed there is no “genuine black hardship as there was in the past” and that President Barack Obama “set race family back 100 years in this country.”

  8. Another new NRATV hire, Grant Stinchfield, who anchors the NRA’s “news” show, once wrote on social media concerning gun violence: “Blame minorities killing any other not law abiding conservatives.”

  9. Following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, Chuck Holton, an NRATV match who is a daily guest on the gun group’s programming, wrote on Twitter that the “party’s over” and it’s time to dumpy “Obama’s mocacchino mark off of America!” using a term for a chocolate coffee drink.

  10. In 2016, Holton claimed on an NRA program that white payoff is “just simply the enlightenment that we have created, that the fathers and grandfathers have worked tough to create,” before observant that it would be good if blacks assimilated whites in “respecting management and holding shortcoming for your own actions.”

  11. In July, Holton warned on NRATV about the awaiting of Black Lives Matter members committing mass murder and rape against whites in the United States.

  12. Long-serving NRA house member Ted Nugent devoted an entire 2015 mainstay at swindling website WorldNetDaily to praising the word “nigger,” including its use as a secular slur.

  13. In 2016, Nugent posted a extremist meme on Facebook about a feign moving company called “2 niggers and a stolen truck.”

  14. Nugent attempted to smear Philando Castile on social media by compelling a fake report that Castile was a think in an armed spoliation implying Castile did not have “enuf brainmatter (sic)” to equivocate being shot.

  15. Nugent responded to a censor on Facebook with a Spanish name by calling the man “beanochimp.”

  16. Amid debate over Nugent’s labeling of murdered black teen Trayvon Martin as a “dope smoking, extremist gangsta wannabe,” Nugent done extremist claims in several media interviews, including observant people should form African-Americans in the same way members of a village might profile a multiply of dog that was satirical children, that African-Americans could solve “the black problem” if they were more honest and law-abiding, and that the African-American community has a “mindless bent to violence” and an inability to “read or pronounce clearly.”

  17. Nugent infamously called Obama a “subhuman mongrel” in 2014.

  18. The NRA did not publicly reject or brawl any of Nugent’s comments, and he was re-elected for another term on its house in 2016.

  19. NRA News, the before name for NRATV, attempted to rewrite the story surrounding a series of incidents after Hurricane Katrina in which white residents in the Algiers area of New Orleans shot at slightest 11 black people in racially encouraged attacks.

  20. In Aug 2016, the NRA told its supporters to review a “laugh-out-loud funny” newsletter that was published by the late Jeff Cooper, a former NRA house member. Called “Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries,” the newsletter frequently shielded slavery, mostly featured secular slurs, and compared black South Africans to orangutans.

  21. A leaked 2006 NRA striking novel was filled with secular overtones including around images of “illegal alien” squad members enclosed to promote gun ownership.

  22. In 1996, an NRA researcher attempted to blame race rather than gun accessibility for high rates of gun assault in the United States, heading then-Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to respond, “The NRA has consistently refused to acknowledge the obvious: The series of guns on the streets boost the series of murders of police, children and others. Now they are going to a new extreme. To contend it’s not guns, but the genetics of race, is a unworthy and immorality form of race-baiting.”

  23. The NRA broke its records for election spending in 2016, giving some-more than $30 million in support of Donald Trump.


Timothy Johnson is a guns and open reserve researcher at Media Matters, having formerly spent time at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Legal Action Project and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

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