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2018 BMW X3 review: The ultimate crossover machine?

When we examination a car, we mostly find ourselves at the forgiveness of the elements. In the case of the 2018 BMW X3, that incited out to be a good thing. A fast duration of sour cold, surprising regard (for Chicago), rain, ice, snow, and then some-more sour cold over a duration of 7 days taught me that the X3 is an glorious cold-weather car. The interior warms up very fast for a automobile of its distance (with a exhilarated steering circle that becomes prohibited to the touch), the doing in sleet and ice is exemplary, and it’s a good automobile if you need to give someone a burst start. But that’s just partial of the picture for the X3.

Generation next

The 2018 indication year marks the commencement of the third era for BMW’s mid-sized crossover-slash-SUV. And the X3, with its high pushing position, really feels like some-more of an SUV than a crossover.

On the outside, there are not many differences between the 2017 and 2018 X3. The 2018 indication is a couple of inches longer and a half-inch wider. The combined length appears to be between the axles, as the wheelbase is 2.2in (5.6cm) longer this time around. The indication we tested, the X3 xDrive30i, sports a 2.0L 248hp (185KW) turbocharged, inline four-cylinder engine able of 258lb-ft (350Nm) of torque. If the four-banger isn’t adequate for you, you can upgrade to the M40i, which offers up a 3.0L, six-cylinder engine with 355hp (265KW) and 369lb-ft (500Nm) of torque. There’s an eight-speed delivery that responds differently depending on pushing mode—and paddle shifters if you wish to go the primer route.

The 2018 X3 starts at $42,450, but to make the automobile engaging and fun to drive, you’ll need to raise on some extras. Our tester enclosed the $2,850 Convenience Package (keyless entry, breathtaking moonroof), $1,300 Parking Package, an $800 Driving Assistance and $1,400 Dynamic Handling Package (which still left me but adaptive journey control or lane-keep assist), and the $3,300 Premium Package (heated steering wheel, exhilarated seats, satnav, and heads-up display). Pile on some some-more things (CarPlay compatibility, wireless charging for a Qi-enabled smartphone, and a Harmon Kardon approximate sound), and the plaque cost is $57,620. And that’s without the full driver-assistance package.


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